๐Ÿ’’Breeding new Monsters and Monster Soul Potion (MSP)

Each monster has a maximum of 6 breeding times Each breeding time requires a fee including MONX and MSP (Monster Of God does not sell MSP token directly to players). You can earn Monster Soul Potion (MSP) by playing in PvE as well as PvP mode. Immortal or mystic traits cannot be passed on to the next generation, so the number of these monsters is limited and valuable. Parents and children can't breed with each other, and monsters with the same parents can't breed with each other The skills corresponding to 6 parts: eyes, mouth, hair, ears, tail, limbs have their own inheritance rate and this rate determines which skills from parents will be inherited to children.

The new Monster will have:

  • Race/Class : Fire, Water, Lightning, Metal, Rock, Wind, Psychic, Plant ( 1 out of 8 races )

  • Stats: Damage, HP, Dodge, Speed, Defense, Armor, Crit, MP (Mana Point) (8 stats)

  • Passive Skills: Eyes, Mouth ( available skills )

  • Active Skills: Hair, Ears, Tail, 4 limbs (these are hidden skills, Monsters needs to learn how to use them in combat ).

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