Monster Of God


Initially, each character only has 2 default skills. To learn more skills, the player needs to evolve the character. In order to evolve and learn skills of whatever the race is, the more food of that race Monsters eat, the more chances they can successfully learn the skills. There are 8 types of food: Fire, water, lightning, metal, earth, wind, psychic, plant. Monsters of whatever the race is will only eat the Food of that race to learn more hidden skills.
Food of Plant
Food of Rock
Food of Psychic
Food of Wind
To learn active skills, Monsters need to reach a certain level and use Food to evolve. The Food of each race will be different, and specifically each race will only be able to use the right type of Food suitable for that race. Skills (active / passive) to evolve must use the correct amount of Food as prescribed. After evolving, Monsters will acquire new skills.
Food of Lightning
Food of Water
Food of Fire
Food of Metal