There are 10 areas in total in the PvE mode Each area will have its own characteristics according to the races and the items in the areas are also different. Players need to choose the right area to collect the right items they need Representing each area are Boss Monsters. The player must defeat all these Monsters to clear the game When joining the battle, players can earn MSP, food, mythical elixir (used in strengthening parts) and Element soul (used in strengthening attribute resistance)

Players join by clicking "Battle" to play. Players make use of their knowledge to arrange squad formation and defeat enemies. Winners will receive well-deserved rewards and move on to new levels to fight stronger enemies. These awards include MSP tokens and Food. Moreover, Monsters will gain EXP for wins.

In the PvE mode: Auto Battle is still used in this mode. There must be at least 01 Monster to join PvE battle. Each PvE battle will consume a certain amount of energy. If you win, the energy will be consumed or else it will be conserved. There is a limited daily amount of energy, which, however, can be increased in many different ways. Those who win level 3, 6 or 10 of each zone in PvE mode will have to fight against big Bosses. Winning these Bosses brings you special rewards.

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