The Earth was day by day being destroyed by the bottomless desires of mankind. The god who ruled the Earth saw that it was time to create a new and purer creature to replace humans. He sent a meteor shower to the Earth, changing the entire habitat and destroying living conditions of human existence. After the human was almost completely destroyed, a few who absorbed the power of the meteorite became another creature. A creature that has the purity of human nature and the power of the gods is called Monster Of God. However, human ambition was too strong to be completely eradicated. The remaining impurities are finding ways to absorb into other creatures on the Earth such as plants, wild animals, and so on. More than that, insentient plants are becoming catabolic and mild animals also have a tendency to become fierce. They are aggressive and they kill everything just like what humans did to them before. Now that the new creature Monster Of God has to fight against what they have created Will the Earth become peaceful again and the Monster Of God regain the holiness as well as the purity of the early humans?

The Creator is always eager to further rehabilitate this new world. Therefore, he gives them a "Treasure" as a present. It is rumored that whoever owns the "Treasure" will dominate the whole world. Nevertheless, no one knows where it is and how it looks like. To uncover this eternal mystery, the brutal and earth-shattering battles between the Monsters take place continuously to get the Treasure for their own. But no one admits being losers. After each battle, the winner is in a hurry to upgrade his squad, the loser tries to find a new strategy to prepare for the next battles. After all, the most precious and sacred of superiors is only for those who deserve it!

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