Tournament PvP. This is the biggest tournament. To participate in this tournament, players must register and pay a certain fee in MSP. The duration of the tournament is 4 weeks. Week 1: selection round, players need to win at least 5 battles to enroll in round 2 Week 2: players will be randomly playing against an opponent with the same rank as the Season PvP, with no limit on the number of battles. 512 players with the highest rank will advance to round 3 Week 3: The top 512 players will be divided into 64 groups, 8 players each and they will battle in round-robin to choose the 2 strongest players in each group to continue to the 4th round. There will be 128 players who will advance to the 4th round. Week 4: Final round: 128 people will be divided into 2 branches, each branch of 64 people to compete directly against each other. Battles will take place in a bo 3 format, whoever wins 2 battles first wins, especially the final match will take place in a bo 5 format, whoever wins 3 battles first wins. In between battles, players have a short break so they can change their formations 512 players who enter the 3rd round will all be rewarded with MONX and MSP tokens, the higher the rank they have, the larger the amount of tokens they can receive.

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