Monster Of God

In-game Monsters

The game will be gradually updated and new monsters with new features will be released.
Fire: At first, the meteorite burns the entire human body until it is unrecognizable. Those who absorb its power will become Monsters inhabiting volcanic regions, where molten lava flows can burn any living creatures. The Monsters name their race Lavaler which includes the most hot-tempered and combative monsters on the Earth.
Water: Underneath the ocean, a kingdom which has been sleeping for thousands of years is awaken by a meteorite carrying water power. The Monsters are on the way to rebuild their kingdom after being motionless for ages.
Lightning: Monsters who absorb the power of just a beam of this light can become stronger than ever. They can control the energy of electrons moving around them at a dizzying speed.
Metal: The Rocking who could not stand the darkness of the underground moved to another land and absorbed a whole new kind of energy. These Monsters have a close relationship to the Earth. They are more like the Rocking's descendants with stronger and more powerful energy compared to the old fellow monsters.
Rock: The Monsters having the rock energy hidden underground tend to live in the dark to make the body become black and gray, which creates favourable conditions for them to survive.
Wind: This meteorite owns the capacity of blowing up everything on the ground into the air. All Monsters here have amazing agility compared to others. They all gather in a kingdom in the sky and live separately from others.
Psychic: No one knows what kind of energy it has since its first appearance. It is believed that Monsters which absorb it will become mysterious, appear and disappear in a strange way.
Plant: The mission to protect the only living beings is unaffected by human desires. The Monsters that proclaim themselves as Plant possess the power of plants and vow to fight until their last breath.