Players need at least 3 monsters and team up with 3 monsters to participate in PvP battles. There are 4 types of PvP battles: Daily PvP, Regular PvP, Arena Season and Tournament.

PvP Matches

Players build their own team based on caculations for power optimization. Players can arrange Monsters in different orders based on each Monsterโ€™s strength to optimize the squad performance.

Players have to understand about these 8 Monster races with different strengths and weaknesses: Fire, Water, Lightning, Metal, Rock, Wind, Psychic, Plant. Players should arrange their squad formation before each battle since a proper arrangement will enhance your chances of victory. In the PvP mode, the highlight of Monster Of God is the Auto Battle mechanics, in which after arranging the squad formations and choosing to fight, now if the player is busy with work or experiences internet connection issues, etc the battle will still continue and the player will still receive a full and fair result. Players need to have at least 3 monsters to join the PvP Mode.

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