Monster Of God

Mini Game

⏰ BOSS FIGHTING will officially open at 13:00 UTC on 5th March 2022.
Fight here:
For the first time in history, players will use their own Monster NFTs to fight against Bosses for bonuses. Monster NFTs included in the "Mystery Crystal"
  • There are 3 Bosses, the player will be able to choose 1 of these 3 Bosses to attack
  • In a period of time,if the Boss is defeated before the time limit, all the players who participated in fighting this Boss will be rewarded depending on the amount of damage dealt and the total reward specified in this boss
  • You must have at least 1 Monster to participate in the Boss fight and the maximum of a squad is 9 Monsters
  • In addition to your BIG REWARDS being received after defeating the boss. Each boss will have a LUCKY reward drop rate, lucky players will receive valuable rewards and can return on investments only in just 1-2 days.
📌The mechanics of the Mini Game are different from the Official Game.
- There will be 2000 Mystery Crystal Box sold in this event. - Price: 80 BUSD - Unbox time: 14h UTC 1st Mar 2022 - Players can trade Mystery Crystal on Mogwar’s Marketplace(
  • In each Crystal, there will be 1 Monster and Food.(Food is in-game item, not NFT, it is used in the Evolution feature will be updated after the game is launched).
  • Each Mystery Crystal contains 1 random Monster with progressive rarity levels: Common, Immortal, Mystic, Immortal Mystic.
  • Mystery Crystal is the best chance to own a Monster at the best price and to open a super rare “Immortal Mystic” Monster.
  • The Monster with more mystic parts will be stronger in the Mini game. The more mystic parts the monster has, the rarer it is.
  • The Monster in each Box will be different and this monster can be used to play Minigame and official version later.
🔥 The rarer the monster, the stronger it is, the higher the earning rate.
👉 The proportions of the monsters are as follows:
Common Monster: 50%
Immortal Monster: 20%
Monster with 1 Mystic body part : 25%
🤩 And finally, The rate of Mystic Monster with 2 or more mystic body parts and Immortal Mystic Monster is 5%.Therefore, these monsters are EXTREMELY RARE, and they have a superpower.
- You need to Stake at least 1000 $MONX for a chance to buy “MYSTERY CRYSTAL”. - TOP 200 wallets with the most $MONX are guaranteed to buy “MYSTERY CRYSTAL”.
- Staking Time: 14:00 UTC 12 Feb 2022 - 14:00 UTC 22 Feb 2022 - Unstake time: 14:00 UTC 1 Mar 2022 - Staking Guide:
  • Access and sign in by using your wallet
  • Click “Approve to spend MONX”
  • Click “Stake”. You need to stake at least 1000 MONX for the first time
  • Enter The Amount of MONX you want to stake onwards.
  • Click "Ranking" to check Top Rank everyday.
2. Join Whitelist community round at: